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Search suggestions do not always come out positive. Have you ever typed the name of a person or organisation into a search engine and been instantly greeted with words like ‘scam’ or ‘complaints’ by the autocomplete offerings? Not a good impression.

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When it comes to both personal and professional online reputation management, autocomplete is a very important factor. Search suggestions can present a serious threat to a public image if one or more derogatory or even downright insulting search terms appear in the results containing your name, company or brand.

If you do find yourself with a shock like this on your hands, be assured that A+ Reputation has devised a sure-fire, guaranteed solution to help those who are suffering from negative autocomplete results on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other localised search engines, as well as other leads to mass consumer platforms like YouTube.

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    Have no doubts about it, we can get rid of those unwanted suggestions for you. The technique used is similar to our SEO methods where we are able to obliterate page 1 content, news, or profiles that are unfavourable. Those that you certainly don’t want in the public’s eye! The service is very similar to how we dispose of unwanted pieces of information appearing on the Web and replacing them with more positive material that you would want potential customers to see in search suggestions.

    Time’s a great healer, and once your search engine suggestions are solved, people will forget about the adverse things they read about you and won’t be searching for them. As the volume of such appearances goes down on the search mechanism, those bad entries will drop off anyway.

    So don’t let negative suggestions affect your business. Contact the A+ Reputation team today to let us get started in cleaning up your search engine autocomplete suggestions.

    Frequently asked Questions

    Autocomplete is a search engine feature that generates search phrase predictions. For instance, if you type “what is the capital of” into the search bar, you will get about nine possible forecasts lined up. As you continue typing, the predictions will adjust accordingly until you see the exact search phrase you had in mind. Then you can simply click on that option, and it fills the bar instead of typing it all out. Autocomplete helps you save time by completing the search query for you. Search suggestions of course differ by region and language.  

    What do your search suggestions say about you?

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